to succeed in language industry

The one emotion we all need to succeed in the language industry
and to be happy is …. LOVE.

LOVE has it all. Yes, it‘s true, LOVE is all we need –even in its non-romantic meaning.







LOVE is the best and most complex positive emotion
we have, and comprises all the previous 9 „must haves
in terminology“ we were talking about:



How to succeed in the language industry?


Love is the basis of everything – including terminology!

😉 Yes, you will love your terminology stuff (if you try hard 😉


If you are an LSP yourself, you’ll understand that without
loving your job and your clients, you won’t survive long in the business.

And if you love your job, you are keen on learning and
continuous improvement of yourself and your services,
to provide quality and excellence to your clients from
whom you learn a lot.







Without terminology and terminology management,
you can’t offer quality services. Without terminology
management, you would be like a driver not knowing
the gas pedal or the break of the car.

If you are a corporate guy and „victim“ of LSPs, you are
pretty much in the same shoes as your service providers:
I’m sure you have a challenging, stressful job and messing
around with wording and  translations does’nt make it easier.

But if you love your job, your company and the products of
this company, I am sure you do or will love your corporate
language, the concepts and terms that make your company
and your products different and specific, unique. If people say
„I’ll google it“ or „I’ll click the menue with my mouse“, you
did it: You made others use your terminology.

Corporate terminology is a key success factor for efficient and
effective business and for successful communication with your
clients and your people. Without terminology management,
you’ll end up in a mess of 10 different terms or designations for
one and the same thing.

Your translator is just the one to discover that mess (if he/she is a
good one, asking you painful questions about your stuff to be translated).

Your quality as an LSP and also as client of LSPs depends on many things:
your knowledge, skills, competences, your experience, your time and
stress management, your creativity, your joy, interest and passion for
languages and the language services you offer.

Too keep your love fresh and sparkling, there is a lot of LOVEly
training and quality certificates out there (for both of you: LSPs and
their clients):

From free SDL webinars to terrific trainings to become an
ECQA Certified Terminology Manager (basic and advanced level).

Remember, dealing with terminology is stressful, time consuming and costly.
So: Love what you do, do what you love!

Then your business and yourself will flourish and
you’ll invent new cool stuff.

Kepp your love for language and terminology,

All the best,


Head of the TermNet Group

P.S.: If you want to watch this blog post as a video,
here is the link. 


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