Be overwhelmed with awe!

Be overwhelmed by the beauty of language and communication,
by the precision of terminology, by the complexity of human nature,
by brains and science, by stories and sci-fi, etc. etc.

Don’t unlearn to MARVEL about all the wonderful stuff you are
surrounded by: your smartphone, your partner, your kinds and
your electronic gadgets, where terminology management should
be the underlying quality and success factor (e.g. in the form of a
decent term bank to find in the web whatever you are looking for).

The world is awesome – and not enough.

When Professor Budin, the first Full Professor in Terminology and
Language Technology was asked in an interview about the future
of translation, he answered without hesitating a second:
The Universal translator like in Star Trek.

So remember: You are part of something MUCH bigger than you
and your terminology problem / solution.

You are part of Star Trek’s Universal Translator, you are part of the
smartest smart phone feature, you are part of the cutest search engine
for web contents in hundreds of languages.

A Canadian terminology expert once told me that he deeply believes
that the cure for cancer and other diseases is available already
in the web. But in languages we are still too ignorant to understand.

This is one of the great motivations to carry on and continue
our terminology work – to contribute to the greater good,
to be part of the bigger picture.

AWESOME, isn´t it?

All the best, you are awesome, too!


Head of the TermNet Group

P.S.: This blog post is part of the TermNet Anniversary Challenge,

series “The Top 10 Must Haves in Terminology”: #9 AWE

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