top secret

What are the secret(s) of success in the Language Industry?

This question is occupying my mind since many years.

What do you think?

success in the language industry

You are a language professional, a language service provider (LSP),
a translator, interpreter, a technical writer or an information or localization expert,

or a “victim” of the Language Industry, it is a client of an LSP?

What do you think is crucial to be successful in the Language Industry?

Is it to work only with highly qualified translators and interpreters?

Is it to follow the 4-eyes-quality-principle and do revision by a second translator
as a standard procedure?

Is it marketing and sales, innovation or technology?

Is it a TOP SECRET nobody wants to share with competitors?

top secret







TermNet is about to launch a series of interviews with ISO 17100
certified Language Service Providers,certified by LICS®, the
Language Industry Certification System.

As LICS® co-founder and quality auditor for ISO 17100 and the former EN 15038, I have seen and audited
a lot of successful LSPs all over the world, and I am excited to interview them.

But before we do so so, I would like to ask YOU to tell us what you think about the
secret(s) of success in the language industry.

It takes only a minute to fill in the survey, we are asking you only 3 questions:

  1. What do you think is the secret – or the secrets – of success in the language industry?
  2. Do you want to be interviewed by TermNet to share your success story?
  3. Do you want to receive information about the secrets of success?

Be part of it – we are keen to understand what you think is the secret of success in
the Language Industry.

Thanks a lot,

Warm greetings,

Head of the TermNet Group

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