Don’t take terminology and terminology people (too) serious.

Laughter increases creativity.

Life is chaotic and dangerous,
in particular with poor terminology management.

The FUN part in this cartoon is the „Nonserious social incongruity“ that amuses us.

Terminology work is hard work, as you all know (or will know soon).

And terminology experts are most serious people.

So, do not take both too serious. Laughter in your team will increase creativity
(that you need to innovate and survive).

And laughter will guide you through a chaotic and dangerous life
with poor terminology management.

Amusement should be the basis of our team work in terminology projects.



1st: When we share our laughter, we share your insights.

Sharing knowledge is not the favourite sports of many experts,
colleagues or leaders in our teams.

There is definitely room for improvement – as for communication.

It’s pretty weird, actually, that in the language industry
we won’t find much experts who are really able to communicate
efficiently and effectively with their stakeholders.

Obviously, it’s much easier to sit down and dive into a piece of
terminology entry or translation than to make things clear for others.

Amusement might help here to get the message through in a
nice and easy way.


2nd: Even the Nobel Price increasingly is awarded to teams,
not to outstanding individuals any longer.

Thus, if you want to excel and deliver outstanding results
in your terminology groups and projects, you better care
for excellent team work, where amusement plays a crucial role.

We might laugh or mock at Google’s company culture or other
Silicon Valley playgrounds. But it’s a fact that they are pretty
successful and creative, aren’t they?

All the best, enjoy laughing,


Head of the TermNet Group

P.S.: This blog post is part of the TermNet Anniversary Challenge,
series “The Top 10 Must Haves in Terminology”: #7 AMUSEMENT

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