Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find some of the questions which are frequently asked by TSS participants – and our answers to them. If you do not find an answer to your question among them just write us an email to We will be in touch.


Language. Which is the language of tuition in TSS?
TSS is an international event and participants come from all over the world. So do our trainers. Our lingua franca therefore is Global English. However, it is in the nature of an international summer school that most are multilingual and during breaks and social events people are heard talking in all possible languages.

Quality. What about the quality of the training?
TSS is organized and lectured by some of the most renowned and respected trainers and experts in the field of terminology. All trainers and our network are actively involved in the most important professional bodies. The principles and methods we teach are all based on international standards. Since our trainers are not only researchers and practitioners, but active in standardization work as well, you can be sure that everything you learn is state-of-the-art.

We strife constantly to improve the quality of the course. We gather feedback from participants, evaluate carefully and try to implement improvements. For some years now TSS has been an official preparation course to obtain the ECQA job role certificate for terminology managers. So, attending TSS is a very nice experience on its own, but can also be used part of a larger qualification process.

They say that quality is when the customer comes back… Well, if this is true then we do pretty well. It is not unusual for participants to attend again .. and again, for the fun of it.

Training Materials. Will I get handouts/material?

Yes, you will receive the presentations and additional material in digital form for download, if you register for the full 4-Days-Package. We use a Moodle learning platform with ECQA standardized learning material, and a Ruzuku platform for other TSS materials.

Ask questions. Can I also talk about and ask questions concerning my particular problems with terminology management?

Yes, we have much opportunity for interactive sessions and much formal and informal Q&A. We find this essential to ensure personal advancement, especially within larger or heterogeneous groups. We consciously opt for such groups because in our experience this enhances the learning experience more than anything! And it works nicely also online.

Every morning we will meet informally at the “Terminology Breakfast” to discuss in fixed and flexible groups various issues. Participants can even create their own groups. And after school we continue on a more relaxed and social level if you are still up to it, at the “Terminology Happy Hour”.

We have not only classical lectures but many discussion and working groups as well as the participant-bring-your-own-project sessions. And we have flexible time to deepen issues that are found most useful for you.

Follow-Up. Will there be any follow-up?
Yes! We keep in touch with our participants. Some meet again in other events, some come again, some keep in touch beyond the course. One way to keep in touch is TermNet’s Terminology Blog. Another way is TermNet’s Youtube Channel or Twitter.

In addtion, if you go for the ECQA Certificate, you will get access to a global community of ECQA Certified Terminology Professionals.


Who will and should attend? What is the target group for TSS?
TSS is open to everyone who is interested in terminology management. It is especially suited for people who are language or information professionals, working as terminologists, translators, localization specialists, in technical documentation, software engineering, etc. and want to know more about terminology.

The course can be regarded as specialized professional qualification. Many participants work as employees in translation companies, in other related departments of commercial enterprises, governments, international organizations, at universities, NGOs, in the standardization framework or as one-person enterprises. Some have training as translators or linguists, but many also come from other backgrounds (engineers, ICT specialists, etc.) and started their career as terminology managers “accidentally”.

While no particular professional background or level of knowledge or experience is required, you will undoubtedly benefit the most if you have worked with or on terminology before. This way you will come equipped with questions, challenges, and references and contribute meaningfully to the many discussions. Or you simply listen in while your peers solve some important terminological riddles and mysteries.

Experience. I have little practical experience, is it advisable for me to attend?
Participation is open to all who are interested in the topic and you do not need to be an expert. However, since most participants are already working as terminology managers or translators, they usually do have some practical experience and many practical questions (even if this can be quite different from person to person and group to group). If you are in doubt, contact us and we can help you to assess if TSS is the right course for you.

Age of participants. I am not a youngster anymore. Is there a maximum age for participation?
There is no age restriction in TSS. Our youngest participants are in their early twenties and the oldest was 70+ years. Most are somewhere in between.

Group size. How many other participants can I expect?
This is difficult to say and can differ from year to year and depending on the location of the course. We usually close at around 50 to 70 participants on-site, and 100 online. This is quite a lot, true. But it is great for networking and learning from one another’s experiences. And do not worry; we have many opportunities for your individual questions. Break-out sessions with Zoom are cool, as well, if we do TSS online or hybrid.


I am a student, can I still attend?

Yes and no, depending on your work experience with terminology.

If you are an undergradutate student without any work experience, it just would not make sense for you to attend TSS.

If you are a Master or PhD student, you are welcome to join us at TSS – and you should have work experience, too.


Where can I register?
Registration for TSS is easy – just go to our Webshop.

Singe day registration. I can not attend the whole week. Is it possible and advisable to attend for some days only? Yes, since a couple of years, we also offer 1-Day, 2-Days, 3-Days and 4-Days Packages. All options are great, the Full Package is the best choice, we think 😉 Check it out here.

How can I secure a seat on-site?
Your registration is only completed and the seat is secured when you have paid the registration fee.

When the maximum participation number is reached we will close registration and you are in only if you have your seat booked.

What is included in the fee? Do I have to pay for accommodation and food lunch extra?

Participation fees include coffee breaks and a social get-together with some drinks and finger food. Accommodation and lunch is not included. We are often asked why this is not included.

TSS is a low-cost event and financed entirely through the participant fees. If we would include lunch and accommodation the costs for participants would increase dramatically and would make it impossible for many to attend.

In the years 2020 and 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TSS was organized as an ONLINE event. Anyhow, we had great terminology breakfasts and happy hours together…

And in 2022, we will do a hybrid event: online and on-site in beautiful Athens in Greece.

Grants and scholarships. I find the fee quite high for me to participate. Is there a possibility for grants, scholarship or discounts?
Neither TermNet nor the hosting organization or university can offer stipends or grants. Thanks for your understanding.

Discount. But we offer a 20% discount for members of TermNet, AILIA and EAFT. Discounts are not cumulative, they cannot be combined nor be applied retroactively. Participants need to provide proof of eligibility for the reduced fee categories. No discounts on exam fees.

Payment. Which is the best way to pay for my participation?

Payment is done via Online Payment Systems, please check out our Webshop.

In exceptional cases, payment can be done via bank transfer. The bank details and amount to be paid are stated on the offer/invoice you receive from us after application. Please ensure that the full amount is paid and the purpose and your name is clearly recognizable. Please note that your bank may charge banking fees which are your responsibility.

Cancellation. What if I have to cancel?
Since 2018 we adopted a “No refunds policy”. However, if you can not attend TSS for reasons beyond your sphere of influence, you will receive a voucher from TermNet to attend an online course instead, or join us at the next TSS.

Travel arrangements

What do I need to bring?

We want you to bring in yourself. Your experience, your questions, your enthusiasm. We have many sessions reserved for participants to introduce the projects they are working on to the others. These presenations are voluntary.

You could prepare a short presentation of 20 minutes maximum. In fact, this presentation of your own terminolgoy project is part of the exams to qualify as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager. You could do that oral exam right at TSS, or later before sitting the written exam end of September. You will learn more about it when you have registered.

What do I need to arrange for my travels?
We will send you an invitation letter upon request for your employer, for the embassy (in case you need to apply for visa), etc. You need to book your transportation and accommodation and make sure you have a valid passport and visa if needed. On our website the TSS host will give tips and addresses near the venue. We also have a description of how to get there easily. All participant will receive this information plus a phone number  – for emergencies and in case you got lost – via e-mail approximately a week before the course. And of course, you are always welcome to ask us.

Should I bring my laptop?
You are most welcome to bring your laptop and mobile devices. Wifi is available in most venues. If in doubt, ask us!