Book a single day or 2 or 3 days you are most interest in – and pay per day. You do not need to choose your day(s) now – just register and chose your day(s) by June 25. The Draft Programme is here.

Single day: 99 EUR – double: 198 EUR – triple: 297 EUR.

You will get access to the recordings of all online sessions, and benefit from the training and the contacts with your trainers and peers from all over the world.


Book your full TSS online package, consisting of 4 days with all the benefits you can get:

  • Full access to all the e-learning material, as soon as you register, to prepare you to the ECQA exam to qualify as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager, see: http://termnet.eu/online-courses,
  • Full access to both the advanced and the basic learning materials, for your convenience and as a courtesy of TermNet,
  • Full access to online participation in all the lectures and workshops of TSS2020 including online materials and all recordings of the conference,
  • full access to all recordings of the online sessions,
  • 1 year free terminology group coaching (one hour group coaching every month), worth 97 EUR,
  • 10% discount of the certification fee for the brand new LICS Certificate for Post-editors of Machine Translation Output,
  • 20% discount to the regular fee: Pay 798 EUR instead of 997 EUR and save 199 EUR!

Register here for the FULL PACKAGE