ECQA® Certified Terminology Manager_engineering

for language and translation professionals, technical writers and information professionals

Your "Terminology Driving Licence" for engineering and technical environments

This course prepares you to sit the exams to qualify as ECQA® Certified Terminology Manager_engineering.

There are no restrictions as to the educational background of the course participants


  • CTM-Engineering_Skill Card
    CTM-Engineering_Skill Card

    This file contains the skills and competences of an ECQA Certified Terminology Manager_advanced level, with focus on engineering and technical terminology.
    It is the international "driving licence" for senior terminology professionals in engineering and technical environments.

CTM engineering is for professionals who already have some experience in working with terminology, and who are working or intend to work in an engineering environment.

You are familiar with developing or maintaining glossaries, managing terms or writing definitions. You are an engineer yourself, or you are working with engineers or software developers.

Then this course is for you!


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  • organize technical communication and documentation
  • present the business case for terminology and involve stakeholders
  • calculate and argue costs and return on investments
  • handle inconsistencies, updating and maintenance
  • manage quality and harmonization in engineering
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Here's What is Included in CTM engineering

  • This online course comprises 6 skill units - 4 theoretical units and 2 practical units based on exercises
  • For every unit participants will receive:
  • a set of training materials in a Moodle e-learning platform;
  • an online live tutorial or recordings of a live webinar, and
  • discussion forum posts for questions and answers (Q&As).
  • Live or recorded webinars will be given by renowned experts for every unit, and recordings will be uploaded at the Moodle platform afterwards.
  • Learners will go through the learning materials and the recordings of live webinars at their own pace, and will be coached for the practical exercises.

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